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Sport for our company is more than a word

Intensive life rhythm requires from us high-performance, energy-definition initiative - quality education for which one can hardly do without the physical training. These days especially need strength of character, determination, mobilization of willpower, conscious activity directed at changing the external world and himself.
Caspian Well Services always stands for sport and active lifestyle, where sport helps each employee of the company to focus on their actions, make quick decisions, and to believe in themselves.

Sport for our company is more than a word - sport is a whole life. Behind this word there is something more than a set of pre-programmed exercises. It has concluded health, beauty, grace, and a means of self-education.

Caspian Well Services pays great attention and importance to the health of its employees and promotes sports classes for each employee.

CWS has gym with modern Technogym equipment, where all employees can become a part of a big sport family where sport helps to distract from problems and reduce stress.  Those who does exercise regularly is able to perform much more work than people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. 

After work, every employee can go the gym and practice in the power zone, which is equipped with weights, block devices, large-sized dumbbells and barbells. Gymalso has cardio-zone which is equipped by treadmills, step machine, fat burning and related equipment. By the way, sport improves health, relieves many physical gaps, sport decides questions of youth leisure to distract from bad habits, instill self-discipline, it is a means of active recreation and a healthy lifestyle.

It should also be noted that there is a direct link between human physical activity and cognitive abilities of people:  trainings are given easier for those who lead an active lifestyle.

By improving the physical condition sport also improves your concentration when performing task, self-organization and responsibility. As a consequence the active life of people who doing sports becomes easier brighter and more intense.
The practice of sport at work was not invented yesterday. The advantages of this approach are more than obvious: to keep a healthy lifestyle, improve corporate spirit, increase productivity, change the attitude to life. Physically active people are more cheerful, less prone to mood swings, irritability, depression and neurosis.

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