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"Modeling and implementation of business processes in the enterprise." The program will take place in an interactive format by performing participants practical exercises and independent work with methodological support of practitioners. During the training participants will be able to analyze the situation of workers of their own working practices and propose solutions to improve the overall performance of his team.

Technology of training program helps participants create a systematic approach to self-development. Participants will be given tools to help them identify their strengths and growth areas as corporate leaders, and plan personal development.

Develop skills

Skills of effective management of the enterprise
Skills analysis of the effectiveness of the work process
Skills to identify the causes of the loss of work efficiency
Skills tools Operations Management
Skills implementation of business change and transformation
Skills management decision-making to improve the quality and efficiency 

The training program includes theoretical material and practical tasks based on business cases on the topics:

Module 1: "Simulation and optimization of business processes as a tool for creating long-term competitive advantage":

• Creating a long-term competitive advantage through the optimization and development of production
• A systematic approach to the development of production
• The modeling and optimization of business processes
• Introduction of changes in the organization

Module 2: "Kaizen - Lean Manufacturing. The modeling and optimization of business processes. Approaches and production performance management methods "
• Fundamentals of Lean Production System
• Process approach to the company management
• The introduction of new processes / process improvement.
• models and improving processes.

Each training module is accompanied by individual coaching sessions for participants. As a result, they will develop individual development plans for each participant.

Modeling and implementation of business processes training

November, 2016


For whom: managers and line managers of enterprises that provide goods and services for the mining industry
Dates: Module I: September 7-9, 2016
Module II: September 26-28, 2016
Venue: Hotel Park Inn Astana
Description: Group EBRD is inviting owners, functional directors, managers who is offering goods or services to the oil and gas industry, in the two-modular practical training.

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