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CWS Top Management has successfully completed the intensive training Project Management

July, 2017


Bolat Issatayev and Ablai Issabayev have successfully completed the intensive training Project Management I held in Atyrau. They also participated in PMP and IPMA Praparation Program.

5S methodology implemented in place

November, 2016


Caspian Well Services is proud to announce that 5S methodology (5S lean manufacturing) implemented in place. This became possible with the help of support of EBRD and TCO organizations. With in the frame of the project Caspian Well Services will constantly improve its operations and work attitude. All employees of CWS is now trained and fully involved in 5S methodology (5S lean manufacturing).


What is 5S Methology? 

There are five 5S phases: They can be translated from the Japanese as "sort", "set in order", "shine", "standardize", and "sustain". Other translations are possible. Sort (Seiri).

Modeling and implementation of business processes training

November, 2016


"Modeling and implementation of business processes in the enterprise." The program will take place in an interactive format by performing participants practical exercises and independent work with methodological support of practitioners. During the training participants will be able to analyze the situation of workers of their own working practices and propose solutions to improve the overall performance of his team.

Technology of training program helps participants create a systematic approach to self-development. Participants will be given tools to help them identify their strengths and growth areas as corporate leaders, and plan personal development.

"IWCF Drilling Well Control" held in Aktau 24-28 of October

November, 2016


In "IWCF Drilling Well Control" such companies as "Caspian Well Services", "Omac Integrated", "ZADCO" took part in the raining. CWS team successfully completed the course.


IWCF courses which was held in Aktau

October, 2016


CWS attended IWCF courses which was held in Aktau, Kazakhstan. As per results given by comission CWS employees successfully passed all examinations. All CWS employees awarded with IWCF certificates.


Audit of the Rig 838 and Rig 282 of Caspian

September 25, 2016


Well Services, conducted from 08.08.2016 and 08.11.2016 both in the Kosomolskoye field, Tasbolat field and Caspian Well Services (CWS) office in Aktau, Kazakhstan.


Contractor and rig were found to be compliant with the requirements as laid down in the OMV E&P Well Engineering Management System. Both rigs have been used for OMV workover operations in Tasbolat field and Kosomolskoye field. 

Compared to the last audit performed in 2015, Caspian Well Services have progressed with improving their managements systems and rig condition. Since the end of the audit the contractor presented different documents in order to close the audit findings.

Mini-Football Championship

August, 2016


On August 29-30, 2016 Mini-Football Championship was held at Komsomolskoye Field. The event was dedicated to the Oilman Day 2016.


The sports teams of Kommunai, CWS, Ort Sondurushi , Kaz-Impex companies and a select of the contractors took part in the Championship.

The Kommunai team took the first place, the CWS team came in the second and the Ort Sondurushi was the third. All winners of the Championship were presented with certificates of appreciation and medals. 

Caspian Well Services safety award

August, 2016


OMV Petrom SA Kazakhstan was calling 2016 Contractor Day on July 29. The meeting agenda was discussion of mutual cooperation and performance results for the 1 st half of 2016, as well as main points of common concerns, feedback in safety and health activity with contractor employees and other. Caspian Well Services was awarded with its achievements in safety and its daily contribution for safe workover operations as a reliable contractor of OMV Petrom Kazakhstan. 

EX proof trainings

September, 2015


Caspian Well Services on regular basis send his staff on EX proof trainings as per international COMPEX standard. 

Contact the manufacturer's representative

September, 2015


«Caspian Well Services» keep in touch on ongoing basis with representatives of the manufacturer. All upgrades and innovations are agreed and discussed with the manufacturer prior they implemented on the equipment. 

Training of top management of MSB

September, 2015


«Caspian Well Services» is an active participant in the financial and non-financial programs "Business Road Map-2020 on direction of partly rate subsidy. Director of “CWS” Mr. Issatayev Bolat Davletmuratovich participated in such training projects "Training of top management of MSB" at the Nazarbayev University. 

Senior Experts

August, 2015


"Senior Experts" program was implemented within 4th direction of single support program business development "Business Road Map-2020",  which is directed at strengthening and enhancing of the entrepreneurial potential in cooperation with international and foreign organizations, which coordinates the activities of the senior experts, in accordance with their mission to promote in the development of small and medium enterprises through the use of knowledge and experience of the senior experts. Today the company invited foreign senior expert Theo Takes from the Netherlands within the program frame "Senior experts".. 

EBRD's "Small Business Consulting"

August, 2015


As part of the EBRD's "Small Business Consulting" «CASPIAN WELL SERVICES» LLP became one of the candidates financial support for the project to attract specialists Lloyd Register for the technical audit of drilling equipment, rigs and related equipment in order to comply with requirements as per API standards. 

Internal course CWS

July, 2015


Within the framework of approved policies «CASPIAN WELL SERVICES» LLP in order to achieve its goals and objectives performs training of personnel on a regular basis. In addition to the common courses, trainings, the company has developed courses on domestic specialties and directions. 

Opening day of Kazakhstan's pavilion at Expo 2015

June, 2015


The company's management was present on the opening day of Kazakhstan's pavilion at Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy. 

Visit the company Bentec

June, 2015


«Caspian Well Services» LLP has selected “Bentec” company, where «CWS» plan to order the 3 drilling rigs with load capacity of 250 tons which is able to work in H2S environment. 

The conclusion of a memorandum with Drillmaс

June, 2015


«СASPIAN WELL SERVICES» LLP signed memorandum dated from June 27, 2015 with “Drillmac” for designing and manufacturing offshore drilling rig for shallow water. Drillmac –is Italian manufacturer of offshore drilling platforms. 

Supervisory audit of Lloyd’s Register

May, 2015


«Caspian Well Services» successfully passed the planned supervisory audit on IMS on following international standards ISO 9001; OHSAS 18001 which held in April 2015 in Aktau, Kazakhstan. 

Business Communication

May, 2015


"Business Communication" program provided to senior and middle managers of small and medium-sized enterprises (MSP) operating in the priority sectors of the economy under the program and consists of two stages. Company director Bolat Issatayev successfully completed this training. 

Training program of top management

April 24, 2015


"Road Business Map - 2020" program, ordered by the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan, is also a part of the state program "Business Road Map- 2020". The "Business Road Map- 2020" is designed to implement the message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the people of Kazakhstan "New decennary- New economic progress - New Opportunities for Kazakhstan" and the Strategic Plan of Development of Kazakhstan till 2020. 


Under this program, on the basis of Nazarbayev University provides training for top management of small and medium-sized businesses, which is directed for introducing new models of building a successful business, the development of skills for effective management of existing enterprises and solutions for the strategic and tactical business objectives.  


Nazarbayev University provides training in partnership with foreign professors at Duke University (USA). First Participant for 2015 for this training program of top management of small and medium-sized businesses was granted to Director of LLP «Caspian Well Services» - Issatayev Bolat Davletmuratovich.

Technical survey (audit) OMV Petrom

April, 2015


On April 27, 2015 «CASPIAN WELL SERVICES» successfully passed the planned technical survey (audit) conducted by specialists of OMV Petrom in the frame of the following projects:  "Tasbulat Oil Corporation LLP and "Kom Munai" LLP.

Grand opening of new office

January 01 2015


The Company informs its customers and partners, and stakeholders that the office of LLP "СWS" has moved to a new building and has been operating since January 1, 2015 at this address: 4a md, BC "Сaspian", 5th floor. Driving directions attached.

Trainings IWCF



«Caspian Well Services» on a regular basis sending their employees to IWCF trainings which is Drilling Well Control and Well Intervention Pressure Control. Programs are provided at accredited training centers throughout the world and are separated into different levels, delivering candidates with the correct training for their role.

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