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Workover service rigs and related  equipment 


«Caspian Well Services» uses  the following models of rigs for workover services: XJ 550 (135 t) manufacturer RG Neftemash. All service rigs are manufactured in accordance with API standards and have passed technical audit and inspection performed by «Lloyd’s Register Group Company ModuSpec».

BOP Equipment and Well Control 


Caspian Well Services pays close attention to employees safety and environment by using industrial equipment from certified manufacturers which comply with API standards. (API RP53). Preventive maintenance, repairs, and inspection are made as per API 510.

Backup And Spare Equipment 


As per MMS Company standards have sufficient spare materials and equipment in stock from to 25% to 40%. The Company has implemented policy of backup equipment and spare parts -“Policy of three”. This means using at each service rig and having in presence 3 sets of each consumables. This minimizes time for maintenance and repairs.

Mud pump / Power Swivels


Caspian Well Services has such equipment as Power Swivels NOV (National Oil Varco) 85 tons LOGAN - 120 tons.

All equipment are fully certified, properly maintained and are in good reliable working condition.

Mud pump is also available for pressure rating up to 10K, which is also completely serviced, properly maintained and fully certified.

RIG Tanks - mobile and stationary 


CWS has various sizes of rig tanks for different industrial needs, as well as mobile tanks which are manufactured as per explosion proof requirements EXD.


We also offer auxiliary equipment such as gas separators, screens, light diesel stations.

Mobile Facilities on Field 


Caspian Well Services LLP uses  mobile facilities to increase their industrial performance, which reduces to a minimum the cost of moving between wells and minimizes loss of working time.

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