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Wellcome to Caspian Well Services!

Caspian Well Services (CWS) - Workovers


«Caspian Well Services» LLP is well servicing contractor with 120 employees and 4 service rigs. «Caspian Well Services» LLP provides customer with full services including well workovers, completions, well maintenance, fishing services, coiled-tubing. The priority of our Company is to provide qualified staff and equipment as per API standards. Qualitative works of our crews always enhance our work professionalism and levels of knowledge of key personnel on HSE and international standards.

Caspian Well Services (CWS) - Fishing and remedial operations
Fishing and remedial operations


The one of the growing areas of the Company  is fishing and remedial operations, which includes trained personnel with working experience, availability of fishing tools, manufacturing workshop, processing and repair of fishing equipment, installation of breakout unit for assemble and disassemble of tools and also jar press for testing of hydraulic jars.

Caspian Well Services (CWS) - Coiled tubing
Coiled tubing

Coiled tubing is one of the most promising and developing trends in «Caspian Well Services» LLP. It is based on the use of continuous flexible tubes that replace traditional assembled drill pipe when working inside the wells. Such pipes can provide access to lateral and horizontal wellbores due to their flexibility, moreover it does not require operations for assembly / disassembly of  drill string. 

"Caspian Well Services is one of the most useful and valuable service companies that provides trouble proof operation in workovers and as a good job result increases the oil production. "

Bolat Issatayev, Director of "Caspian Well Services" LLP

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